Alhamdulillah Word Décor

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Every living moment is one of alhamdulilah (Thanks be to God). Muslims begin the Qur’an reminded of our indebtedness to the Creator and Lord of the Worlds. We repeat this reminder on our tongue at least seventeen times a day throughout our prayers – that’s how integral gratitude is to our being and how vital our connection with Allah (SWT).

If we begin to see gratitude as a lifeline that tightens Divine bonds, it will truly be the gift that keeps on giving.

With this intention, WithASpin presents the latest collection of Islamic home décor that adds soul to your home. We do the hard work behind the scene to help you select your modern Muslim home décor and accessories with a purpose.

Spread a little gratitude while adding style to your home with our solid metal Tahmid Word Art. The detachable “Alhamdulillah” word art sits upright on the included wooden base or makes a statement as is as an Islamic wall art.

Make this a décor piece that constantly reminds you to be thankful for the life Allah swt gave you, the opportunities you have and the opportunities to come. Alhamdulillah

Details & Dimensions :

  • Included in the package is the metal word art and a wooden base.
  • Overall dimension : 18"x6"
  • Comes in 2 colour option
    • Walnut base, silver metal Alhamdulillah
    • White base, gold metal Alhamdulillah