About Us

Silver Lining's aim is to make Ramadan and Eid more exciting and build a beautiful atmosphere, as such that we feel during Christmas and other religious occasions.
We aim to increase awareness of Ramadan and Eid within the UK, making it a mainstream religious holiday and hope to bring some, if not all, of the fun and hype you see surrounding these holy days in predominately Muslim countries. 

We have expanded our range to include several other occasions and hope to increase this with time as well as offering a variety of beautiful gift items and art prints that complement our range.
Silver Lining brings you a range of products and brands from across the globe, as well as unique locally designed and manufactured items from talented individuals right on our doorstep!

A little about Me...

My name is Atiya, and I am the founder, CEO and 'brains' behind Silver Lining.  I am a single mother to two gorgeous, incredibly naughty, but can't live without them, boys. They're my love, my life, my everything.

I had taken a career break from my full-time job at an international Bank, having recently made the step to remove myself from a toxic relationship.  I focused my time on building myself back up and spending quality time with my boys, who were just under 2 and three years old then. As I had always been a busy body, still either studying or working, having this free time now was a novelty so I would spend my spare time creating exciting and eye-catching window displays for my sister's clothing boutique.  It was then, on my hunt for stylish and modern Ramadan and Eid décor, and finding a lack of readily available products that I had the idea of setting up a business.

The name Silver Lining felt apt due to the emotions I was going through, and the positive mindset I was trying to keep myself within. Every cloud has a silver lining, or the comparison Quranic verse 'verily, after hardship comes ease'  kept me going through this challenging period and I found myself finding solace and comfort in Allah's words. Beginning to understand me, life and our purpose much better.

Through Silver Lining's journey, I have come across many beautiful and inspirational women who have helped empower, encourage and motivate me. I hope that I can inspire at least one person because of the journey I have gone through and through the products I sell.