Salam Wooden Word Art

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Introducing our "Salam" (meaning peace) word décor. Unique and elegant. Modern yet rustic. Call it art, call it inspiration.

Word art is the perfect compliment for any décor project. Words inspire us, make us laugh, and simply give us the ability to reflect on life. Bring home the power of the word "Salam" and add a touch of inspiration in different rooms.

Make this a décor piece that constantly reminds you to be in peace. Peace be upon you. Peace be upon the world. Peace be upon our hearts. If you are at peace, nothing can shake you.


Material : Wood
Dimension: 13x6x1 inches
Colour : From 3 colours to chose from, you'll find one that's sure to satisfy your taste and style.

Rustic Gold - Perfect for your farmhouse style
Walnut - Great addition to your mid-century modern décor or to achieve that hygge feel in your décor
White - Ideal for the Classic, Modern and timeless décor