Taqdeer Thankfulness Cards Gift box

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Each card is designed to help you pause and reflect all life's blessings, and in keeping with our brand objective, support you in cultivating an Alhamdulillah mindset and God-consciousness.

We continue to showcase and promote the arts as our Taqdeer Thankfulness Cards feature the artwork of eight artists, based in the UK and internationally. Gold, hot-foil accents continue to appear in this stylish and sophisticated set of cards to give you both an aesthetically and spiritually engaging experience, inshaAllah.

  • 43 cards in total
  • 30 Thankfulness Cards providing a comprehensive collection of Shukr related Quranic and spiritual sayings 
  • Features the artwork of eight artists 
  • Spiritual/ reflective task prompts on reverse
  • Stylish, chic and contemporary design
  • Gold, hot-foil accents throughout cards
  • A6 postcard-sized
  • Box case 
  • Made in the UK