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Go To Post     How do you react when things are not going your way? When you think you’re ready and fully prepared but then something just happens? Well, a few weeks back when we were all super excited about getting our children back to school and bringing some ‘normality’ back into our lives. I got the dreaded text a week and half in... ‘you have to come and collect your child from school, they are in the same bubble as another child who has unfortunately tested positive.’ Grateful that I am able to work from home and drop things to go and collect him. I did start to mentally organise my next few weeks with a young child back home who will have online learning and my jam packed workload. And I’ll be honest, I did panic! I spoke to my Intention Membership community (well moaned) who reminded me of being grateful of him not showing symptoms and Insha’Allah praying for his continued good health. I had sisters asking me if they could support with any of the little ones work, maths etc and general words of support and encouragement. 🤗 I took on board the advice from the amazing sisters and @salamsudduf, who is our awesome coach, and decided my presence with my child at this difficult and confusing time was most key. So I revised my workload and re-organised it to fit around my sons home learning. Alhamdulillah with just one more day of isolation I can say it’s been quite enjoyable. Mornings spent with him home learning whilst I get on with simple tasks and then some leisure time for him where he has reading or playing games, giving me the opportunity to get on with some focused work. I’m not going to lie... I’ve had to be very patient as bless his soul he does like to talk! 😂 Tell me how have you turned around a situation? Have you been affected by a similar situation like me? And are you making the most of your present? #life #prescence #patience #fromsilverlining #lovesilverlining #alhamdulillah #grateful #homelearning #imamaliquote #quote #islamicreminders #muslim

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