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Go To Post     SABR - the Islamic virtue of "patience" or "endurance". Sabr is characterised as being one of the two parts of faith. It teaches us to remain spiritually steadfast. Sabr is what got me through my most difficult of times. But it’s also a word that prolonged my abuse. I was told to have patience, to have sabr and that with time, everything would miraculously work out. I found the word sabr was being used to abuse me further. Had I not actively sought further guidance on my situation then I’d have never been able to see how this beautiful word was being manipulated for someone’s personal agenda. #alhamdulillah for the family that was actually family. I have this print on display to remind me of this. To know sabr isn’t passive. To know it doesn’t mean to sit it out and wait for the storm to pass. It means to get up, be that through seeking help, knowledge, a skill or taking time out for yourself. But it definitely doesn’t mean to be subservient and to respond to the whims of the abuser. Allah tells us to have sabr; He is telling us to seek help. Don’t allow culture and oppressors to make you think otherwise. Click on the shopping links in the picture to get one of your own sabr prints to remind you and motivate you! #YouGotThis #YouHaveGotThis #Sabr #Patience #Faith #Imaan #Belief #Allah

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