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Go To Post     How many of us only remember Allah when we are in difficulty? When we have relationship problems? Health issues? Stressed about work? Worried about finances? And many more... Do we truly remember and show our gratitude through all the other moments when things are just fine. When we have food on our table and a roof over our heads? Clean clothes to wear and a bed to sleep in? Let’s start with being more visibly grateful. Being vocal about it. What’s ONE thing you can share with your family today which shows your gratitude to something Allah has blessed you with? I started the day off by making pancakes for the boys. We talked about how blessed we were that mama is able to be at home without rushing around, or worrying about having to go to work. And therefore allowing her to cook fresh pancakes for them and then walk them to school. #itsthesmallthings #memories #gratitude #smalltalk #positivity #blessings #pancakes #allahwillgiveyoumore #hadith #prophet #alhamdulillah #bepresent #behere

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