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Go To Post     Is it me, or does everyone feel like we got out of the wrong side of 2020. Literally everything we never imagined has happened. I am thankful for my faith and the belief I have that everything happens for a reason but seriously what a weird year! My parents are still disheartened at the last minute announcement which disrupted our Eid in the garden party. We even had the perfect weather for it too. Living in the UK, this was a treat! But alas it was not to happen! So, here we are, with less than half a year to 2021. Let’s pray that this half of the year brings us more joy! Insha’Allah 🤲🏽#August . . . . . . #Augustvibes #Autumn #halfyear #2020 #grinchwhostoleEid #EidinLockdown #LocalLockdown #NorthWest #Eid #Burnley #Lancashire

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