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Go To Post     The news from Beirut has shocked many of us. It is was an event that was not expected and I can not begin to imagine the grief going through the people of Lebanon. Struggling with an already crippling economy and then Covid-19. What happened yesterday is just shocking, on some levels unbelievable. But we saw it with our own eyes, video footage which we would normally attribute to a Hollywood blockbuster, yet there were no special effects here, it was all real! It is said that Beirut has risen from ashes 7 times before, Insha’Allah it will be rebuilt again. ( The above dua is for the protection against calamities to help us from crisis however unexpected; cited from @pennyappeal ( Let’s pray for everyone going through difficulties and hardship, pray for their safety, and strength to overcome these hardships and maintain their faith. Insha’Allah 🤲🏽😞 #prayforbeirut🇱🇧 #Beirut #lebanon #rebuild #helprebuildbeirut #faith #imaan #iman #tawakkul #Allah

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