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Go To Post     Don’t be afraid to be STRONG! I learnt from my own personal experience, when you get that gut feeling... when you sense that something isn’t quite right, believe it, trust it. Your instinct is telling you and warning you. I wish I had listened to my instinct. I wish I had not allowed others who had a vested interest in martial life the power to keep me quiet. If I hadn’t been a people pleaser... hoping that eventually it would all work out. Own your life. Islam give us these rights. No one is saying go against the teachings of our Prophet (pbuh) but if we at least educate ourselves on just the bare minimum rights Islamic bestows upon us as women we would be so so powerful! That said, it does not overtake the rights of a man, those are his to assert, but our rights prevents them from abusing us. If only we use them. So the key message I would say to any women if to educate yourselves, not just going to university and getting a degree, but on your religion and on your rights as a Muslim woman. #islamicrights #muslim #muslimwomen #strongwomen #muslimah #empower #believeinyourself #yourareworthit #changeitup #breakthecycle #dontallowabuse #femaleboss

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