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Go To Post     TIME - 🕰 do we really appreciate our time? Its value. Its worth! Time is another blessing that we expend without truly being grateful for it. If you’ve have an idea, if you wanted to do something but just not got around to it, don’t waste your TIME. TIME is a gift from Allah. Let’s make the most of our time. This does not mean let’s go partying and just hang out with friends. No, let’s instead bring value to our lives. Use your TIME to educate yourself, learn a new skill, be present with your family, help those who need assistance; who are vulnerable. Spend TIME on your prayers, sharing some of the TIME He has blessed us with, with HIM. Our TIME is limited. It has to end. When? We don’t know. Let’s not regret not doing what we wish we had. Love and Duas Atiya #thoughts #time #love #livelife #embrace #appreciate #grateful #blessed #alhamdulillah #thankful #mindful #Allah #Islam #Muslimthoughts #islamicreminders #beinggrateful #happiness #content #livelife

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